Some Things I Got [Sort of] Right in My 20s

Written by SeanRitchey on December 5, 2017

Prioritized my work for its educational value, more than its monetary gain

Failed often

Utilized my family’s support and class privilege to be an entrepreneur

Loved vulnerably

Accepted criticism

Traveled often

Bought a multi-unit building

Founded, invested in, worked for, or served on the board of directors of organizations in different industries

Made time every year for self-reflection

Rode my bike a lot

Ate good food

Drank good wine

Got obsessed with things

Thought a lot about privilege, white supremacy, sexism, and what I should do about it

Went dancing

Read a lot

Had employees

Was an employee

Had a boss

Was a boss

Made money

Lost money

Played outside a lot

Got good at more than a few things

Got really good at a very few things

Hung out with people who were smarter than me

Dated women who were older than me

Got into debt

Got out of debt

Let things go

Wore long underwear when it was cold out

Did things that scared me

Wrote things down

Got lost in the woods

Didn’t die

Some things that held me back in my 20s


Being a pain in the ass

Being an asshole

Watching too much Netflix/Youtube

Wasting too much time on the internet doing nothing


Saying “yes” when I should have said “no”

Saying “no” with my actions, when I was thinking “yes!”

Lack of focus

Lack of discipline

Acting Like I knew the answer

Fear of what other people would think about me

Wanting it to be perfect before we ship/publish/announce


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