As the principal at Wee Design/Build, Sean combines vision, craftsmanship, technical acumen and project management wizardry to help his clients creating breathtakingly beautiful and fantastically energy efficient living spaces.  He has been building and renovating houses for over a decade, and has the privilege of counting some of the region’s most innovative master builders as his mentors. By nature, Sean is a passionate learner who is always looking for ways to evolve and improve the ways he’s designing, building, and living. This allows him to work with his clients to build beautiful, durable spaces that are so efficient you can heat them with a hair-dryer.


“The goal, is to support abundant life.  When we design and build from that fundamental place, it can radically change the final product we end up with.  We want to be deeply inspired and nurtured by the places we live – the spaces we wake up in, where we share meals and cultivate with our friends and family, where we connect with ourselves and the landscapes we live in.  When we design, we ask ‘why.’  When we build, we create answers with the ‘what‘ and the ‘how.’  We design to imagine.  We build to live.” – Sean Ritchey