Guatemala – Three Day Trek From Xela to Lake Atitlan

Written by SeanRitchey on March 3, 2011

We spent the weekend (Saturday – Monday) hiking 46 km through rolling back country from Xela to Lake Atitlan – which is one of the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen.  The two and half day journey was lead by a super cool organization called QuetzalTrekkers.  The volunteer run organization puts all the money it raises by leading treks all over the Xela region toward runner a school and dormitory for street kids in the area.  The hike took us through the very up-and-down landscape that was shaped by the regions volcanoes (to nearly 10,000 ft. a couple times).  We stayed two nights in small villages, where the local people still primarily speak their native tongue, and spanish is a clear second language.  There we about 15 of us on the trek, and it was a super fun way to spend some time with travelers from all over the world – many lovely connections were made.  If you’re ever in the region, a trek with QuetalTrekkers is not to be missed!

On the last day of the trek, we got up at 4:00 and hiked 40 minutes to a ridge overlooking Lake Atitlan to watch the sunrise over the lake – which was, to put it simply, incredible.  Photos of the sunrise can be seen here.



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    We are getting ready to go to Guatemala in the winter, I really enjoy reading about it, I am seeking more information about the people and places in Guatemala