Guatemala: Update From Livingston

Written by SeanRitchey on February 24, 2011

Written on February 21st

We’re currently in Livingston, on the Caribbean.  Livingston is a sleepy little coastal town, which is only accessible by boat – either up the Rio Dulce from the town that bares the same name, or by sea from Puerto Barrios (how we came), or occasionally from Belize.  Livingston came highly recommended to us, but gets mixed reviews from me.  The town is super chill, but almost too much so.  There seems to be a town wide feeling of…dispiritedness?  People just don’t seems to…care?  In some ways, this is a perfect part of the entire super relaxed energy of the place, but it also leaves me feeling kind of down.  The place is a mess – trash everywhere, bad waste water management, etc.  99% of the buildings and properties are in need to attention and repair.  Not just the type of repairs that require capital investment…but the kind of upkeep and care the comes from people caring about the landscape they are living in and sharing with their neighbors (both human and non-human).

We’re staying at this cool little hostel, used pretty exclusively by young travelers from North America and Europe, called Casa De La Iguana…which I would recommend to young english speaking travelers.  We’re staying in a private bungle, which has it’s own bathroom, for $20 a night.

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