Guatemala: Day 1

Written by SeanRitchey on February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18th

“I’m sorry sir, but your flight is overbooks” Said that extremely polite man at the TACA Airlines check in counter

(that’s bad)

“So the only seats we have left are in first class”

(That’s good!)

This kind of unexpected delight is a somewhat common experience for me when I fly, but it doesn’t stop it from being a treat every time.

My next few weeks will be spent galavanting (and relaxing) around Guatemala.  Lots of pictures to follow.

Enough people told us to avoid Guatemala city, that we decided to listen to them.  So upon landing, my traveling companion (Jessica) and I hopped a 50 minute shuttle to Antigua.  We shared the shuttle with a Argentinian man who just finished spending a month cycling around Guatemala and a woman who lived most of her life in Washington DC, but recently moved back to Guatemala to work for a non-profit that is working to bring tech based job opportunities to people in central and south america with disabilities.

Antigua is small mountain city, surrounded by volcanoes and teaming with vibrancy. Since it is one of “the” tourist destinations in the country, prices are noticeably higher here than elsewhere, and it is common to have people speak at least a little english.

Saturday, February 19th

Today, after spending the morning in Antigua, we are going to take a string of buses to over to the Caribbean.  Our plan is to spend tonight in Puerto Barrios and then take the next few days to explore Livingston (which is only accessible by boat) Rio Dulce and the surrounding area.

More soon!

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  • Erik Holmlin

    Catherine and I are looking forward to a review of that area to which we have never ventured. Ola to Jessica – que le vaya bien!

    • SeanRitchey

      Hola Erik. Yes, a full report will definitely be given. It will give the three of us a good excuse to have dinner when I get back. Cheers from the Caribbean! – Sean

  • Catalina de los Montanas Nortes

    !Hola lindo! Que bien que estas explorando Guatemala. Estamos interesada en su reporta de las playas. Espero que tienes mucho inspiration a estudiar espanol. Mucho amor. Catalina

    • SeanRitchey

      Buenos Noche Catalina! Big Love From Livingston. Can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back. xoxo – Sean